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Braided headband

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Within this collection, Meolina has the immense pleasure of presenting an exceptional range of braided headbands, designed to captivate and charm. This unique selection is distinguished by its array of models, oscillating between fantasy and realism. With wide and thin designs available in a palette of vibrant colors, our accessories invite you to try your hand at numerous hairstyles.

Our collection also celebrates realism with strikingly faithful braided headbands, perfectly imitating the look and texture of real braids. Whether you're seduced by the softness of blonde braids or the depth of black braids, these pieces promise to add a dimension of naturalness and authenticity to your look.

For those wondering how to incorporate these accessories to match their hairstyle, Meolina has put together a few tips:

For short hair: braided headbands add volume and adventurous texture to your hair. Opt for a thin model for a subtle touch, or conversely, a wide one for a strong visual impact. Position your accessory slightly back from the hairline to create the illusion of length.

For long hair: our pieces can be used to tame your locks while adding an elegant touch to your hairstyle. A contrasting color will bring out the richness of your hair, while a tone-on-tone will add a discreet note. You can try braiding your hair before adding the headband for a captivating layering effect.