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Satin lined turban

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For this collection, Meolina has chosen to celebrate the turban in two distinct forms: models entirely in satin and others lined in satin. This decision was born of our desire to spotlight the exceptional qualities of this fabric, adored for its luxurious and lustrous appearance. It transforms each model into a singular accessory with its incomparable softness to the touch and refined sheen.

The satin turban is prized not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for the multiple benefits it offers. Worn with ease both day and night, it adapts perfectly to all hair types, whether fine or thick. Satin's softness plays a crucial role in limiting friction and chafing. Thanks to this unique property, it effectively prevents the formation of knots and hair breakage at the ends, thus ensuring the preservation of hair's health and beauty.

In addition, the satin lined turban enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the best ally for women with textured hair. Whether you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair, it is your ideal partner to conserve the integrity of your curls.

One of its main assets lies in its ability to maintain optimal hydration, it reduces moisture loss guaranteeing nourished hair that glows with vitality. The ingenious conception of our satin turbans helps reduce perspiration and sebum production, creating a healthier hair environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for those seeking to preserve the freshness and cleanliness of their hair between washes.