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How to care for leather pieces

Meolina selects only the most sumptuous leathers to offer our leatherworkers the perfect fabric to give birth to our creations. Our leathers feature a textured grain that may cause natural marks. These visual imprints testify to their authenticity and uniqueness, a story engraved in the very skin.

Time delicately infuses the leather, endowing it with an enchanting patina. It is possible that slight wrinkles appear and that the colours fade. This evolution of the leather leads to an increase in its suppleness as well as its flexibility.

Protecting leather

When a leather product is not in use, we strongly recommend storing it protected from dust. We also recommend keeping it away from prolonged contact and exposure to high temperatures, humidity, sunlight and chemical agents. All these elements can alter the colour of the leather and provoke stains.

It is advisable to carefully avoid any contact with light-coloured textiles or coverings to prevent any risk of discolouration. The same applies to any direct contact with water, even if a few tiny drops are not prejudicial, it is advisable to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to rain. If the leather does get wet, dab it gently with an absorbent cloth.

Cleaning and repair

To clean one of our leather pieces, use a soft cloth and soak it very lightly in lukewarm water. Before you start, be sure to test on a small area, this will ensure that the water doesn't cause discolouration or irreversible damage.
Make gentle circular movements over the entire surface of the product.
Apply light, constant pressure, being careful not to rub excessively to avoid damaging the delicate texture of the leather. Concentrate more on areas with stubborn stains or dirt, the lukewarm water will help loosen them, allowing their gradual removal.
Once finished, equip yourself with a new clean cloth to delicately wipe the surface of the leather, then leave it to dry in the open air.

It is crucial to note that this method is suitable for light and superficial cleaning. Meolina's services do not yet cover the repair of products. In the event of serious stains or major deterioration of the leather, we advise you to call in a specialist.