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Brand protection

We vehemently defend the intellectual property rights underlying our creations. Every identified falsification is treated with the utmost firmness, we take the necessary legal and disciplinary measures to protect our brand and preserve the trust of our clients.

Counterfeiting benefits criminal organisations at the expense of companies and governments. It jeopardises the health of consumers by creating products that do not comply with current sanitary laws, often manufactured in unhealthy conditions.

Meolina is resolutely engaged in a relentless battle against counterfeiting. Fuelled by poor-quality products and devoid of the authenticity that is the essence of the brand, it represents a real brake on development and tarnishes the brilliance of Meolina.

Fight against illegality and injustice

Counterfeiting is a profoundly unfair and illegal practice that harms everyone involved, from designers and artisans to suppliers and all the other trades implicated in one way or another.

By exposing our customers to deceptive and inferior imitations, it betrays their trust and damages Meolina's reputation. This blatant injustice towards our customers, who have shown esteem for our brand, is in direct contradiction with our commitment to providing them with an exceptional experience.

How to protect yourself?

In order to guarantee you an experience of purchase exempt of risks, we recommend you to privilege the official website of Meolina. Navigate with caution on social networks and online marketplaces, remaining vigilant to enticing offers that are often misleading. Meolina only communicates via its official networks, carefully verify the authenticity of these accounts.

Report a counterfeit

If you encounter a product whose appearance, price, provenance or quality seem unusual or dubious, you have the possibility of alerting us. Any precise information you provide (photos, location, date, etc.), whether describing the appearance of the product, its packaging, its origin or any other relevant detail, may constitute essential evidence for the competent authorities in the ensuing proceedings. Meolina thanks its clients who play an essential role in protecting its identity.


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