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How to care for silk pieces

All of Meolina's silk creations are crafted with painstaking attention, guided by uncompromising quality standards. To ensure their beauty and durability over time, it is essential to understand the secrets of preservation of this sumptuous textile. The timeless elegance of silk is balanced by its inherent fragility, requiring particular care when maintaining it.

The washing

To preserve the integrity of the silk, it is strongly recommended to opt for a dry cleaning. This gentle method ensures the preservation of its delicate texture as well as its original shape.

It is also possible to wash them by hand, as long as you follow a meticulous protocol. Be sure to use only cold water, as high temperatures could alter the fragile fibres. Use a detergent specially formulated for silk to avoid any undesirable reactions. It is imperative to show extreme delicacy, the movements must be gentle and caressing, avoiding any excessive friction that could damage the surface. Try not to leave your pieces immersed in water for more than five minutes to prevent any degradation of the fabric.

The drying

Once the wash is complete, it's important to point out that silk products should never be wrung out, as this can cause permanent creases or tearing. It is recommended to place it between two clean towels to gently absorb excess water. Once finished, you can lay it out flat in the open air, carefully avoiding direct exposure to the sun or a heat source. These elements could alter the colour of the silk, leading to unwanted discolouration.

The ironing

Always opt for a low temperature on your iron, as seen previously silk is sensitive to high heat. In addition, it is primordial not to use steam. This can penetrate the fibres and weigh them down, resulting in a loss of the structure and characteristic fluidity of the fabric. Place a clean, thin cotton cloth over the product before ironing. This creates a supplementary protective barrier between the iron and the silk, reducing the risk of burns or unwanted marks.

Whenever possible, iron it on the reverse side to prevent any risk of shine or visible marks on the outer surface. Apply light pressure with the iron and make gentle, regular movements, not staying on one area for too long to avoid overheating the fabric.

A few precautions to take

Silk pieces require delicate handling, it is crucial to preserve them from rough or aggressive contact. Watch out for jewellery, sharp fingernails or zips that could snag or pull on the fabric. Avoid all direct contact with hostile chemicals products such as bleach or other household items. The same applies to beauty products such as perfumes, lotions or make-up. Take particular care when applying them and allow them to dry or be completely absorbed before dressing your silk accessories.